eksport02When we were ready to sell the trees from our first rotation period, there were plenty of trees in the market, and no wholesalers were interested in Bornholm. Therefore, we were forced to start up own exports. Having travelled around a specific area in Germany for a week, we had won enough orders to start up our exporting activities for which purpose we rented a small truck.

Exports have continuously increased, and we now export trees to Germany, Austria, Sweden, etc. Since we do not produce enough trees in our own stands, we cooperate with several growers on Bornholm thus rendering it possible for us to deliver trees of all heights.

Our clients are stall traders who wish newly harvested quality trees of different heights.

We sell Nordmann fir trees from 0.8 - 8 metres of height.

We organise transportation and logistics in cooperation with a local shipping agent.

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