foto lille To begin with, we did not cultivate the trees optimally, and therefore we obtained a highly heterogeneous harvest in terms of both height and quality. During the first rotation, we made numerous mistakes resulting in a prolonged harvest period. In consequence, every year we have performed continuous planting and harvesting on a large proportion of our fields.

We take an environmentally conscious approach to growing Christmas trees. We employ absolutely no more chemistry than strictly necessary - something which is reflected in the pictures of our stands. Our stands are surrounded by sheltering hedgerows consisting of different trees and bushes resulting in a diverse bird life and wildlife. In particular, we are very pleased with the numerous larks - we had never seen a lark's nest before we started growing Christmas trees. One year when harvesting trees, we counted the bird nests, and we found a nest per approx. every fifth harvested tree.

We optimise almost all trees with respect to width and height. We place bird protection sticks on all trees above 1,25 metre. However, we cannot fully avoid broken leaders, and therefore by means of different methods we try to establish new leaders. We use thousands of branch trimmers to ensure symmetrical trees. Needless to say, our ambition is to produce high-quality trees.

From time to time, we employ local workers and contractors.

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